DMP Pica 200 technology demo

DMP’s Pica200 is the new GPU adopted by the Nintendo 3DS. Pica200 is an OpenGL ES 1.1 GPU (OpenGL ES 1.1 GPUs have fixed function hardware – no programmable shaders).

I want to upgrade my kids’ DS!

Get the original HD movie here:

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Massive Physics Simulation in Unreal3D engine

Useless, but nevertheless impressive.

This mass physics demonstration was rendered in the UDK, simulating 25,000 barrels stacked around a pillar 15,000 feet high, and then group by group falling to the ground.

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Breakpoint 2010: Is this really the end?

Breakpoint is a major event for the demoscene … or should I say was?

Have a look at the invitation demo of the 2010 party on Youtube:

This all happened in April 2010, somewhere in Germany.

“…In a dying demoscene …”, ain’t that surrealistic? C’mon guys! 3D is ubiquitous nowadays … and real-time is still a highly popular buzzword! So what’s wrong with you?

I didn’t even notice that the demoscene might be dying, what is it all about, a virus? Oh! Yeaah … I see … are we talking here about the original C64 old-skool style demos? Well … never mind! I mean, I truly respect those guys who are trying to keep alive the original tradition of handcrafting super-small sized apps on obsolete platforms like Commodore C64 and alike. But look, time has come to acknowledge new media and modern technology, and despite the fact you’re feeling old after 8 Breakpoint parties, you passionate computer geeks have to embrace the future of the demoscene, involving new software standards, running on awesome hardware, powering incredible and revolutionary devices! Why don’t you put your Commodores and Amigas in the attic, and grab an Android phone or an iPad to see how you can make it scream, huh?

I guess this is where the debate between Old-skool and Nu-skool demos takes place, and the important thing is probably to remember which core values they keep sharing. But I will come back to it in another post.

For now, let’s just report that Breakpoint 2010 was again a unique opportunity to enjoy the best from over 1000 sceners from 30 nations. 20 different competitions, including music, audio, graphics and games on C64, Amiga, Consoles, PC.

In the master “PC DEMO” track, the top 3 winners were:

   01  1239 Agenda Circling Forth - CNCD vs Fairlight
            Arthouse Productions Inc
   02  1097 rove - farbrausch
   03   873 PC-04: "Partycle" - PandaCube

For more details:

Video rendering of the winner on  Youtube:

Get it in 1080HD on Pouet.

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Get ready for Syntax Party 2010

In 2009 it took place in Melbourne, VIC. No doubt the organising team, Disaster Area, will stick to its guns in 2010.

Syntax Party

Syntax Party 2009 banner

Details of the 2009 edition are available here:

Here is a live footage of the Invite Demo, very Old Skool, that’s what we like 🙂

Get ready for Syntax Party 2010, it will take place from 11th to 13th of November => Details here:

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The C64 demoscene featured at Sydney’s Powerhouse Museum

Powerhouse Museum in Sydney

Powerhouse Museum in Sydney

It’s 1985, and millions of Commodore 64 computers are connected to millions of television sets around the globe. The sole purpose of these 1-megahertz, 16-color marvels is simple. Games. No question about it – the C64 runs the coolest video games this side of the local arcade, but from the darkest corners of the home computing landscape oozes something new, something that few people will ever see. A curious and passionate computer subculture is forming that exists purely to push this humble machine to its very limits for the purposes of self-expression. 1985 sees the birth of the demoscene.

Commodore C64

Commodore C64

The Sydney’s Powerhouse Museum offers an interesting walk through the coming to age of the demoscene in the eighties, thanks to these incredible machines named Commodore C64, Atari Amiga, Spectravideo, etc.

Check it out here:

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Unity 3D as a demo platform on Mac OS X

Unity 3d - Australian user groupThere are not so many user friendly tools to build demos on the Mac. Beyond Quartz and Core animations, so far we had spotted only Processor and a handful of OpenGL based 3G engines.

Among the latter, Unity 3D is a pretty serious contender, and though it is primarily designed to build games and interactive applications in 3D environments, it opens a wide array of demo possibilities. Here is a short list of its core features:

  • Integrated Editor: Everything is done through Unity’s simple user interface. Thousands of hours of thought and spit-polish have gone into it.
  • Unity 3D Editor

    Unity 3D Editor

    Graphical Power: Unity has a highly optimized graphics pipeline for both DirectX and OpenGL.

  • Asset Importing: All major file formats are supported, and almost any art application can be used with Unity.
  • One-Click Deployment: Unity supports a wide range of platforms when you release your work to the come alive.
  • Wii/XBox/PS3 Publishing: The industry’s most popular consoles just got a lot easier to develop for…
  • iPhone/Android Publishing: Revolutionary game development comes to these new revolutionary devices.
  • Shaders: Unity’s shader system combines ease of use, flexibility and performance.
  • Terrains: Vast, densely foliaged landscapes that run smoothly on low-end hardware.
  • Networking: Go from single-player to full realtime multiplayer games.
  • Physics: Bring your interactions to life with the built-in NVIDIA® PhysX® physics engine.
  • Audio & Video: Mix realtime 3D graphics with streamed audio and video.
  • Scripting: Blazing fast .NET-based JavaScript and C#, with rich libraries and great documentation.
  • Unity Asset Server: The Unity Asset Server is an add-on product which adds version control to Unity.
  • Shadow & Light: Realtime soft-shadows and baked lightmaps, spiced up with halos and lens flares, and a truckload of other effects.
  • Documentation: Unity provide you with step by step tutorials, documentation and example projects.

To know more:

Some demo-like applications across the web:

Impressive, isn’t it? Ooops! I forgot one thing … Unity3D is FREEEEE! (under a custom license agreement) Yes, that’s exactly right, just download it and use it and compile for Mac, Windows and the Web freely for your personal use. Ain’t that cool? You’ll have to pay though if you want to publish your applications on iPhone, Android, WII, XBox360, PS3.

In Sydney, M2O Publishing is using Unity 3D to create games and educational content, and these guys are willing to create an Australian User Group. Good luck, let’s see if they can show us some cool demoware within the next few months!

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Assembly 2010: Vintage flavour for the invite

If you have planned holidays in Northern Europe in August, good on you mate! You should plan a pit stop in Helsinki, sometime between 5th and 8th of August. This is where the massive Assembly party 2010 edition will take place, as usual in the Hartwall Arena. The best demosceners of the planet will meet there to compete and have fun:

  • Assembly - Summer 2010Anarchy
  • Cascada
  • Sanity
  • Future Crew
  • Kefrens
  • Melon Dezign
  • Mad Elks
  • EMF
  • Triton
  • Majic 12
  • Spaceballs
  • Orange
  • The Silents
  • Jamm
  • Absolute!
  • Grif
  • And many others.

I like the vintage flavour of the invitation demo, check it out …

Hopefully, we’ll be able to attend similar events across Australia within the next few years!

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